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Jobs That Do Not Require a College Degree

The debate over whether or not a college degree is worth it or even necessary is never ending and both sides have interesting points. For one reason or another, some people are not able to complete higher education or simply choose not to seek a four year degree. Yet there are still many job opportunities open to those without degrees and some of them may surprise you.

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In this article series, you will be presented with jobs that do not require a four year degree. All of these jobs can be attained through either experience or online training. We will present a job description, a list of common requirements and qualifications, and ways you can obtain relevant cyber education and even credentials.


We will kick off this series with one of the most surprising jobs that does not require a four year degree. Please be sure to check out the other jobs in the “More Jobs” section.

President of the United States of America

The White House’s page called The Executive Branch describes the qualifications for the US Presidency.

The Constitution lists only three qualifications for the Presidency — the President must be 35 years of age, be a natural born citizen, and must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

It’s true. The Commander-in-Chief does not require a college degree! Check out the list of presidents who served in the highest elected position sans four year degree.

List of presidents with no college degree George Washington’s formal education ended when he was 15. James Monroe left college to join the Continental Army. Andrew Jackson’s education was interrupted by the British Invasion. He did not study law at a university, rather, he studied at a law office. Presidents Andrew Johnson, Zachary Taylor, Martin Van Buren and Grover Cleveland did not attend college. President Truman attended college and did not graduate. President McKinley attended two schools and did not graduate. William H. Harrison attended two colleges, but he did not graduate from either. President Fillmore received little formal education. His knowledge of the law came from an apprenticeship. President Lincoln received no more than a year of formal education.

More Jobs

Please check out the separate articles we have created for the following positions.

Help Desk Technician/Desktop Support Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Digital Marketer

Facebook ads specialist

Google Ads Specialist

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